About Writing, Rhetoric, and Publication

Logo of College of Charleston's Writing Rhetoric and Publication ProgramThe Writing, Rhetoric, and Publication (WRP) minor and concentration combine traditional approaches to writing and editing with new approaches made available by visual and digital media.

Through the study and practice of writing across media, genres, and context, the program provides students with knowledge and experience integral to professional and civic life in the 21st Century.

WRP students develop the writing and design skills needed to create different kinds of texts for a variety of audiences in a variety of media.

Areas of Study in WRP

Courses included in the Writing, Rhetoric, and Publication minor and concentration address three areas of study: writing and rhetorical studiesdigital and technical writing; and editing, style, and production.

Each area of study includes relevant writing theory and opportunities to produce writing for multiple audiences and in multiple media.

Writing Skills Through Different Writing Experiences 

Through these areas of study, WRP students will gain experience doing:

  • technical writing and editing
  • content production and management
  • sound and video editing
  • social media writing
  • document design
  • usability testing
  • web development

The collection of student features provide one example where those experiences overlap in one project. To develop a set of writing skills, writing practices, and writing knowledge.

This showcase is developed to feature texts that students develop as part of their coursework.