Feature articles in layout

Jacob Craig

In Craig’s Sp’ 20 section of ENGL 225: Intro to Writing Studies, students wrote a feature article. Their articles could be trend pieces about an emerging issue or profile pieces about a professional or technical writer.

After producing a draft of their articles and an introduction to principles in document design, students put their articles in layout. Finally, after an introduction to writing for the web, students produced a web-sensible abstract about their feature articles.

Corley’s “How Data Can Help Your Story Get Discovered”


Corley’s web sensible feature article abstract

Sam’s “Writers’ Unions Bring Digital Contract Work Closer to Trade Work”


Sam’s web sensible abstract

Katie’s “From Evaluating Plays to Evaluating Risks”


Katie’s web sensible abstract

Drew’s “‘Like, I do my passion, but work still feels like work’: Carla Lalli Music’s rise from line cook to best-selling author”


Tony’s “Changing the Craft on Craft Recipes”


Becca’s (pseudonym) “Why Is It Important that the Writer for a Company Share the Same Values as that Company?”


Becca’s web sensible abstract