Digital Writing and Production

Writing & Publishing for the Web

Most people know how to put writing on the web. Students in Craig’s 369 learn to write for the web. To understand the distinction between

Analyzing Mobile Apps, Wireframing Mobile Apps

Craig’s “Rhetoric in a Digital Age” focused on mobile apps as persuasive texts–an issue that’s received some cultural attention through documentaries like The Social Dilemma.

White papers on Digital Literacy

Using a multiple research methods, students in Chris Warnick’s ENGL 316: Writing and Literacy developed white papers detailing the current realities of digital literacies among

Feature articles in layout

In Craig’s Sp’ 20 section of ENGL 225: Intro to Writing Studies, students began to hone a new writing and design skill. They drafted and

Video Remediations

In Craig’s Sp ’20 section of ENGL 310: Theories of Teaching Writing, students completed a series of remediation projects. There were two major concepts in

Podcasts and Listening Guides

As a culminating project in Writing for the Web, students developed search-engine optimized listening guides for their podcast series. When composing their listening guides, students