Eportfolios over time

It’s often the case that WRP students will produce eportfolios as part of their coursework. Depending on which courses a WRP student takes and what instructors that they have in those courses, it might be the case that a student will have multiple chances to work on their eportfolio.

Judith is one such student. She began creating her eportfolio in Craig’s 334: Techincal Writing. She revised her eportfolio two years later in Warnick’s 366: Editing and Publishing. And most recently, she revised her eportfolio again for the job market.

This is very much the purpose of an eportfolio. As WRP students continue to develop as writers (learning new genres; writing in new media; writing for new audiences and purposes), their eportfolio should change along with them.

Judith’s Professional Portfolio

Screenshot of the first section of Judith’s eportfolio