Digital Writing and Production

Podcasts and Listening Guides

As a culminating project in Writing for the Web, students developed search-engine optimized listening guides for their podcast series.

When composing their listening guides, students were tasked with:

  • recirculating their podcast episodes in the listening guides
  • representing their podcast episodes through image and text
  • representing themselves and their research through image and text
  • editing their listening guides for search optimization

The two entries below represent both series created in the Fall ’19 section of Writing for the Web.

Thought these guides, you will be able to access episodes that comprise the podcast series; read about the content of the series; read about the series’s creators.

Brandi Sullivan | Charleston Chillers and Thrillers

Brandi Sullivan’s listening guide for the Charleston Chillers and Thrillers series, covering some of the ghost stories and haunts in the city

Dawson Obrien | Charleston Soul

Dawson Obrien’s listening guide for the Charleston Soul podcast, a food and culture series