Digital Writing and Production

Video Remediations

In Craig’s Sp ’20 section of ENGL 310: Theories of Teaching Writing, students completed a series of remediation projects. There were two major concepts in the course: the first, meaningful writing as discussed by John Warner (evoking the meaningful writing project). This became half of the content of the course.

The other half was based on the work of Bolter and Gruisin and the 21st century writing curriculum outlined by Kathleen Blake Yancey. Exploring these two ideas, meaningful writing and remediation, students

  • wrote a series of five vignettes about meaningful writing
  • transformed those vignettes into memes for new audiences and purposes while preserving their messages
  • transformed one vignette-meme set into a video

The work below most prominently features students’ videos, but their vignette and meme projects are also available for reading.

Ali’s “Learning about Meaningful Writing Through Public Speaking”

Ali’s five vignettes about meaningful writing

Ali’s Memes


Liz’s “Save Your Love”

Liz’s five vignettes about meaningful writing

Liz’s Memes